Our History

The Launton Playing Field Association was founded in 1972 as a committee to manage the facilities both on and around the site after the land on which the facilities sit was donated to the village from a local resident to be used as a communal area. Over the years a number of projects and hard work by many volunteers on the committee has made the sports and recreation facilities what they are today.

The current committee were voted in during November 2017 and its members are as follows:

Chairman – Mr Dave Barrett

Dave has recently moved into the village and has family who live close by. He has spent a fair bit of time socialising in The Harrison and put himself forward for the role of Chairman at the AGM in November.

Vice Chairman – Mr Paul Lovitt

Paul is an active member of the Launton Football club and is Chairman of the Men’s club. A regular user of the sports facilities and The Harrison, Paul brings to the committee experience and knowledge of working with the club and the LPFA.

Secretary – Mrs Anoushka Lucas-Howells

Anoushka has been a resident of Launton for over 10 years. During the 9 years that her sons attended Launton Primary school she has helped to fundraise money for the school and has held the position of Chairperson of the Friends of Launton School. Anoushka is keen to help raise funds for the LPFA and continue to maintain and improve the facilities available to the community. She is the mother of sons who play for the Launton teams in the U9s, U10s and U12s and wife of one of the coaches for the U9s and U12s boys teams.

Treasurer – Mrs Gemma Barrett

Gemma is the new treasurer for the LPFA . Gemma has a long standing career in accounting and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge in this area to the committee. She has previously held the position of Chairperson of the Friends of Launton School and has recently become the Welfare Officer for Launton Football Club. Gemma has sons who play for the U10s and U12s Launton teams. She is also the wife of the Chairman of the Launton Boys Club and coach for U12s.

Committee Members

Jim Harris

John Atkins

Ken Batsford

Nancy Taylor

John Moore